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Perry Monge Salon is proud to be an Intercoiffure-recognized salon: a badge of honor for the salon and a guarantee for the client.

Choosing a new hairdresser can be a nerve-racking experience for men and women alike - fortunately Intercoiffure makes the choice a lot easier.

Headquartered in Paris, Intercoiffure is an international association of independent hairdressers which aims to maintain high standards of service and professionalism within the hairdressing industry while bringing the latest styles to its members and their clients.

Membership is by invitation only and only after careful vetting of a salon's hairdressing skills, business ethics, staff training and client services.

Once a salon has won the right to display the Intercoiffure star logo on windows and stationery, clients (new and old) can be confident of the very best service.

Intercoiffure salons are also at the leading edge of fashion providing regular seasonal updates from Europe and America. National salons meet regularly to discuss new styles and services for their clients.
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"From Assistants to Artistic and Technical Educators, meet our certified Perry Monge Salon and Spa AVEDA Color Educators".

Isn't it about time you came to work for Perry Monge AVEDA Lifestyle Salon and Spa?

At Perry Monge AVEDA Lifestyle Salon and Spa, we aim to do one thing better than any other service provider- we differentiate ourselves from the norm - we care. We are honored to be an AVEDA Lifestyle Salon and Spa, honored to receive the Small Business of the Year Award and most humbled to to be accepted into the world's most prestigious hair salon organization, Intercoiffure. Perry Monge Salon and Spa is considered to be among the top 1% of all salons in the world.

We recognize the needs of the many clients in our community, and we respond with expert care in every aspect of our industry. Our employees share an unsurpassed level of commitment - one that makes us superior in every thing we do. You got into the beauty industry to touch lives. There is no better place to do it than Perry Monge Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa.

Easy Ways to Apply:

  1. Call for an Interview: 1-888-253-1422
  2. Fax your resume: 1-602-253-0279
  3. Email your resume:
  4. Apply in person:

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Careers at Perry Monge

Our passion for excellence inspires the Perry Monge Team on a daily basis to integrate wellness and beauty into their lives and the lives of our guests.
Every service at the Perry Monge Salon/Spa Aveda Lifestyle Store Includes Aveda Comforting Tea, a Consultation, Stress Relieving Treatment, Hand Relieving Treatment and an AVEDA Colour Make-Up Finishing Touch.

The Perry Monge Salon/Spa Team are internationally trained and share an unsurpassed level of commitment- one that makes our team superior in the Art of Cut, Colour and Make Up.

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